Website – Construction – Modification – Verification and permanent Monitoring of your WEB environment.

Nowadays, an appealing website has become a business necessity. Your web presentation, as well as extensive marketing – advertising campaigns mainly use web platforms – content management systems to advance the business. The importance of a website is therefore beyond question.
However, it should also be important to keep your web environment secure and protected from attacks, so that your visitors or future customers, are protected from possible data theft. Remember that any website is at risk of being compromised by hackers. Many responsible parties believe that their website is not worth hacking.
However, most of the security breaches are not performed to steal or manipulate your data, but they mainly try to abuse their server for distributing files with illegal content or spreading email spam. Illegal ransomware for hacking can also be generated and distributed via the compromised web server.
An attack is usually carried out by automatically generated scripts. Thus, it should be clear that neglected or not up-to-date websites are at risk of being “broken into”. If you have the impression that your website has inexplicably slowed down or certain functions can no longer be fully performed, this may be a sign of a “hack”.

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